Proverb Skin Care Ltd

“Kirstie and I, founded Proverb back in 2017 in Melbourne, Derby to develop a range of sustainable and natural skincare products. After early successes, it became clear that in order to scale the business we would need help both financially and with our skill base. Prior to the pandemic I was spending time travelling back and forward to London to try and raise angel investment to take the business to the next level. Then during the pandemic, like many businesses, we were forced to focus on the core of the business to survive which for us was online sales and subscription. We were lucky enough to be able to develop the business further and while doing this where lucky enough to be introduced to the Ascend Fund who were interested in helping us grow a local business in an new and exciting space. From that moment our life and business have had a massive boost. The team at Ascend have been amazingly supportive and the process from application to acceptance into the first phase of the grant was really easy and intuitive. We are now being supported with the skills we require to grow an online subscription business, manage our cash and budgets as well as the opportunity to meet and work with other businesses on the scheme. We feel very grateful and are very excited to have the chance to deliver on our targets in the hope that we can continue to work with Ascend on future phases.”